Online services

Service NameDescription
Broken Street Light Report a broken street light
Change of Address – Moving Into Sefton Council Tax – Tell us that you are moving into Sefton by reporting your change of address. This could either be moving into Sefton or moving from friends or family where you are not liable for Council Tax.
Change of Address – Moving Out Council Tax – Tell us that you are moving out of the Sefton area by reporting your change of address. You can also use this form to tell us that you are moving out to an address in Sefton but will not be liable for Council Tax as the Bill payer.
Change of Address – Moving Within Sefton Council Tax – Tell us that you are moving within the Sefton area by reporting your change of address. This could be a change in tenancy or change in owner.
Community Trigger Community Trigger Form
Concern or complaint about a Sefton licenced driver Report an issue with a taxi or private hire vehicle licensed by Sefton Council
Concerned about a Child Concerned about a young person? Refer a child to Social Care
Council car park problem Report an issue in a council car park or with a parking meter
Council Invoice Accounts Receivable, enquire about a Council invoice
Council Tax Notification of a Death Council Tax – Notify us of a death. Please inform us concerning the death of the Council Tax payer or if any adult member of the household has died.
Damaged or full litter bin Report a damaged or full litter bin
Dangerous Structures, Vacant and Insecure Properties Report a dangerous structure or vacant and insecure properties.
Dog Fouling Report a dog fouling incident
Domestic clinical waste collection Report a missed collection of your sharps box
Fly Tipping on the public highway Report a fly tipping incident on the footpath, pavement or public highway
Food hygiene issue at a premises Report a food hygiene issue, food, smoke free or unhygienic practices at a premises.
Highway damage on the road or footway Blocked gullies or drains, potholes, road resurfacing, defective or missing grid covers, man hole covers in the road. Defective or missing road signs or name plates. Footway (pavement) issues.
Landlord Change in Circumstances If you are a Landlord or Managing Agent you can report a change in Tenancy or to let us know about the sale or purchase of a property.
Missed Brown Bin Collection Report a missed brown wheelie bin collection
Missed Brown Euro Bin Missed Brown Euro Bin, used for multi occupancy properties (plastic and cardboard) recycling collection service.

Last Updated on 12 August 2019