Land East of Maghull

Planning Applications on Land East of Maghull


In April 2017, Sefton Council adopted its Local Plan

In essence this provides the local policies and land use designations to shape the borough and identifies how Sefton will meet its future housing and employment needs to 2030. 

It was prepared by the Council following extensive consultation, and in line with the requirements of Government guidance, policies and national legislation. It was agreed as legally 'sound' by a Department of Communities and Local Government appointed Inspector.

Policy MN3 of the Local Plan relates to the largest single allocation, known as Land East of Maghull. The Government Inspector has endorsed this site as “a strategic mixed use allocation, accepting that this will provide a comprehensive high quality, well-designed sustainable urban extension containing integrated, distinctive, safe and secure residential neighbourhoods, a Business Park and improvements to local infrastructure”. His agreement to the Local Plan and this particular allocation took the site out of the designated Green Belt.

Sefton Council has also adopted a Supplementary Planning Document for Land East of Maghull. This provides further detailed guidance regarding the Council's expectations for the site, including the need for a comprehensive masterplan. This is still subject to discussion with both sets of applicants and critically this masterplan must be agreed by Sefton Council before any planning applications can be approved.

Current Applications

The Council received and has now validated two planning applications submitted by (a) Countryside Properties and Persimmon Homes (b) the East Maghull Consortium concerning the southern and northern parts of the Land East of Maghull site respectively.

Application (a) (reference DC/2017/01532) proposes the following:- Hybrid application seeking full planning permission for the demolition of existing buildings and the erection of 830 residential dwellings (C3), new vehicular accesses off Poverty Lane, public open space and ancillary infrastructure and outline planning permission for an older persons housing scheme (C2, C3) and ancillary infrastructure with all matters reserved.

Application (b) (reference DC/2017/01528) proposes the following:- Outline application with some matters reserved (scale, appearance, layout & landscaping) for the demolition of existing buildings and the erection of up to 855 residential dwellings (C3), an older persons housing scheme with access also reserved (C2, C3) , a mixed-use Local Centre (Uses (A1-A5, C3, D1, D2); together with associated public open space, landscaping, highways, Sustainable Drainage Systems, and all ancillary infrastructure works.

Both applications are now subject to statutory publicity and notifications that the Council is legally obliged to undertake. This includes (as a minimum) notification of neighbours to the sites, press and site notices and notification of a series of further consultees. It may be that further clarification or changes to the planning applications may be sought from the applicants, in which case, further information will be uploaded to the relevant planning webpages and update notifications may be required. 

Following all the legal requirements, a decision will eventually be made on both Planning applications by Planning Committee including endorsement of a masterplan for the site.

Comments can be made by clicking the highlighted references above, and while these will not be responded to individually, will be addressed within the subsequent committee reports.

For applications of this scale, complexity, significance and public interest, it is difficult to predict the timeline or the outcome. However, this page will be updated regularly.

Maghull Champion Advertisement Clarification

On 25 October 2017 an advertisement was in the Maghull Champion by the Maghull & Lydiate Action Group. The Council would like to take the opportunity to provide a few points of clarity and corrections to the advert.

The advert’s header describes 2 distribution centres and a retail park. While the Land East of Maghull site as a whole is allocated as containing a 20 hectare Business Park, this is not part of either application currently being considered. Additionally, one of the applications proposes a mixed-use Local Centre (not a retail park) south of School Lane comprising up to 2,000 sqm total gross floorspace.

It should also be noted that the principle of developing the Land East of Maghull site has been established through the Local Plan process where the independent Inspector removed the site from Green Belt and considered that loss of Best and Most Versatile Agricultural land was outweighed by the significant benefits associated with housing delivery.


Last Updated on 07 November 2017