Winter advice

Snow covered streetsBe Aware

The Met Office run the Get Ready for Winter campaign up to 31 March. Visit the site to get current weather forecasts and read more about the  actions to consider in preparation for periods of severe weather.

There are no laws stopping you from clearing snow or ice around your home or public spaces. The SnowCode gives some safe guidance to follow when clearing paths and pavements.

When you clear snow and ice:

  • do it early in the day - it’s easier to move fresh, loose snow
  • take care to shovel it out of the way so as not to block driveways or drains or to cause another hazard
  • offer to help clear your neighbour’s path if they have difficulty getting in and out of their property
  • don’t use water - it might refreeze and turn to black ice
  • use salt if possible - it will melt the ice or snow and stop it from refreezing overnight (but don’t use the salt from salting bins as this is used to keep roads clear)
  • you can use ash and sand if you don’t have enough salt - it will provide grip underfoot
  • pay extra attention when clearing steps and steep pathways - using more salt may help

You can sign up to receive flood warnings from the Environment Agency and prepare to be flood ready.

See help and support information from United Utilities to prevent leaks and burst pipes.

Visit the SPEnergy Networks website for emergency contact numbers and what to do if your power is lost.

Rough Sleepers in Sefton

Sefton Council has a range of services for rough sleepers throughout the borough which are available all year round.

Services are at hand as we to try and reduce the number of people sleeping rough in Sefton. 

If you see anyone sleeping rough or have any concerns about someone on the street, please get in touch. This is especially important during the cold winter months.

To report an incident of rough sleeping in Sefton please call the Rough Sleeper Outreach Team via Light for Life on 01704 501256 or 07918 746042 outside normal office hours and weekends.

Alternatively, email and provide details of the location and any description of the person. We will acknowledge your email and give you a response to your report.

No-one needs to sleep rough and services are available including a ‘sit up’ service providing an overnight room at hostels in Southport and Bootle if needed.

Keep Warm

Sefton Council has teamed up with a local Environmental charity, Energy Project Plus, who can provide free, impartial advice on home heating and insulation as well as tips on how to save money on fuel bills. This information is available by calling the Energy Saving Advice Line free on 0800 043 0151 or visiting

For those struggling to heat their homes (for example due to broken boilers or lack of heating or, those in fuel debt) the Affordable Warmth Service can work with you to try and find financial support. Call Sefton Council  on 0151 934 2222 (Mon-Fri 9-5pm)

Sefton Council in partnership with local homeless agencies provide an emergency Sit-Up Service that operates every day of the year. The Sit-Up service provides secure overnight shelter in the Bootle and Southport areas for people who would otherwise be rough sleeping in the borough.  Access is by agency or self-referral. Contact is via the BOSCO Society 0151 944 1818 (Bootle) or New Start 01704 547741 (Southport) who will provide details of access points and direction to the service. 

Keep Moving 

  • View our gritting page to find out about Sefton’s gritting routes for roads and footways.
  • For up to date information about trains and buses and timetables - check the Mersey Travel website.
  • Winter advice and updated traffic conditions for motorists can be found on the Highways England website.

Local Pharmacy and NHS Services

For confidential, expert advice and treatment of minor health issues you can visit your pharmacist.  

You can also pick up over the counter medicines from your pharmacist such as:

  • Paracetamol
  • Ibuprofen
  • Antihistamines
  • Eye drops
  • Anti-diarrhoea medicines such as loperamide (Imodium) 
  • Soar throat medicines
  • Decongestants
  • Cough medicines

Check your local CCG website for pharmacy information and other local NHS services

Sexual Health Services

All clinics will be closed on Tuesday, December 25, Wednesday, December 26, and Tuesday January.

Please visit for opening times or call 01695 656550.

Please be aware that this telephone number will not be available during bank holidays and after 15.00 on 24th December and 31st January.

For sexual health emergencies please visit which provides details on community pharmacies offering emergency contraception and information on where to access PEPSE (post exposure prophylaxis for HIV following sexual exposure) during the holiday period.

For sexual assault call Safe Place on 0151 295 3550.

Last Updated on 19 September 2019