Council trees

Across Sefton, the trees are managed by various Council departments or organisations.

On Council land, the tree and woodland team manage trees in public parks and streets, and in coastal areas they are managed by the coast and countryside team. 


Any located on One Vision Housing land are looked after by One Vision Housing (call 0300 365 1111), and trees on school grounds are generally maintained by schools themselves. 

How to contact the Council 
If you have any concerns about trees which you think are owned by the Council you can complete an online form or call Sefton Council on 0345 140 0845.

What happens next?

A tree officer will inspect the tree(s) within six weeks and will decide what action, if any, would be necessary. During the inspection the officer will take the resident's wishes into account, but will consider:

  • Any works necessary to the tree with regards to any Health and Safety risks the tree may pose (such as low branches, dead or dying trees)
  • the priority that should be assigned to any recommended work
  • the amenity value of the tree(s), their positive contribution to the urban environment. 

How does the council prioritise tree work?

After a tree has been inspected any recommended work will be programmed in accordingly. Currently due to the wider budgetary pressures Sefton Council has no other option, but to postpone all routine works and to focus remaining resources toward Health & Safety tree works.

Routine Works are those that would alleviate problems such as branches overhanging properties, shading to properties etc.

Health and Safety work generally includes work that is necessary in the interests of public safety such as the felling of dead trees or the removal of trees with a serious structural defect. Also included in this category is the removal of very low branches that impede the safe use of the highway, block lighting columns or effect phone wires.  

What action can be taken?

Tree pruning – such as removal of low branches or those causing specific problems as mentioned above, removal of dead or damaged branches.

Tree removal – Sefton council does not remove trees without good reason. These reasons include trees which have died or in decline, are diseased or have become structurally unsound, and as such pose an unacceptable Health and Safety Risk. On occasion trees on hard surfaces such as the highway outgrow their location and cause footpaths to become unsafe.

Please note the council does not top trees. This is bad practice and can be detrimental to the tree's health. It results in even more prolific re-growth. The new branches are often attached weakly to the main stem, it can result in pockets of decay at these growth points in time the tree/branches  may pose a safety risk to buildings, passing people and vehicles.

Last Updated on 16 February 2018