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Terms and conditions for bulky items

  • The collection address must be within Sefton.
  • This is a service for domestic residential properties only.
  • Managed properties, such as nursing homes or youth hostels are not included in this service.
  • Please note that there is a £14.00 charge for this service (for the collection of up to 3 bulky items).
  • Collections can only be booked after payment has been received.
  • Refunds or the rescheduling of a collection can only be made if cancellations are requested at least three full working days prior to the scheduled day of collection. So if the scheduled day of collection is Thursday, you must have contacted the Sefton Council Contact Centre by 6pm on the Friday before.
  • If you wish to change any of the items listed for collection you must let us know on 0345 140 0845 at least three full working days prior to the scheduled day of collection.
  • No more than three items can be collected at one time.
  • Items must not obstruct or hinder the free flow of the highway for pedestrians, or cause danger to highway users.
  • Only identified items will be removed, a separate collection must be arranged for any additional items.
  • All items for collection must be easily accessible and at one point. Access to the items must not be impeded by parked cars, locked/secured gates or other obstructions.
  • Items should be left at the front of your property on a pathway or driveway as near to the curtilage of your property as possible. Please note under no circumstances can our collection staff enter your property, garage or any outbuildings. All items must be left outside.
  • Any items that contain glass or mirrors must taped up and made completely secure for transport.
  • Items such as Fridges/Freezers must be completely empty and defrosted otherwise they will not be removed and no refund will be given. 
  • All items should be presented for collection before 6.30 am on the day of collection.
  • Please ensure that mattresses and upholstered furniture items are kept completely dry.
  • The Council reserves the right to refuse to undertake collection if the items are not accessible or are found to be in an unsafe condition for handling. Return visits will incur an additional charge.
  • All items must be manageable and safely manoeuvred/carried by 2 men. Excessively heavy items will be left.
  • Items are removed at the discretion of the collection crew.
  • You are responsible for moving the items to the agreed collection point outside your property, where they can be easily collected (for example on the driveway) which is done at your own risk.
  • The Council's insurance policy does not cover any damage or injury caused by its employees by assisting in moving items to the collection point. If, in exceptional circumstances Council employees assist in moving items to the collection point then this will be entirely at your own risk.
  • Items for collection are owned by you, and you have requested them to be removed. From the point of collection the ownership transfers to the Council and the person disposing of the items will no longer have claim to these items, for example, if they change their minds.
  • In order to complete this service we will ask you to:
    • Provide your details.
    • Choose a suitable collection date.
    • Select up to 3 items to collect.
    • Make a payment of £14.00.
    • Submit the final request.

If you experience any difficulties using this service you can contact us on 0345 140 0845 (calls cost 2p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge)

For information on how we safeguard your details please see our Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

View a comprehensive list of items that can be collected.

Last Updated on Thursday, May 16, 2024

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