Food waste collection service

 Food Waste Collection Service to be suspended

Food waste collections will be suspended in the near future while Sefton Council awaits guidance from DEFRA on the future of food waste collections. As a consequence food waste packs will no longer be delivered.

Households that choose to take part will be provided with two containers. A small container is provided for day-to-day use inside the kitchen to store any food waste prior to transfer to a larger container for use either inside or outside the property.

The larger container must be presented alongside the dry recyclable boxes/bags at the gatepost/curtiledge of the property for collection on the designated day.

The following items can be placed in the food waste recycling box:

  • Fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Cooked food
  • Raw meat & fish
  • Bones
  • Leftover food/plate scrapings etc

The following items are not acceptable for presentation in the food waste recycling boxes; plastic bags, cling film or other wrapping/packaging materials.

The container can be lined - but only with approved compostable liners or newspaper.

Residents who are already using the service can obtain a supply of compostable food caddy liners via the Sefton Council Contact Centre.

The food caddy liners are being provided from funding we have secured from the Department of Communities and Local Government to promote recycling and encourage householders to recycle more.


Last Updated on 12 March 2019