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Accessible Information for COVID-19

COVID-19 Information and Resources in Accessible Formats 

It is important that every member of our community feels they have access to information and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Using the Website

Users with accessibility needs can use the Recite Me software to customise the website to meet their needs 

You can use Recite Me to:

  • Read website pages out loud – in different voices and languages
  • Increase and decrease the size of the text
  • Change the type-style – including into a Dyslexic-friendly font
  • Change the screen colours and contrast
  • Use an on-screen magnifying glass
  • Add a ruler to help keep your place on the page
  • View pages in a text-only mode
  • Download audio files of page contents.

To use the service, visitors to the website just need to click on Listen and Translate at the top of every page.

You will then see a toolbar of functions that will help make the pages more accessible for them in multiple ways. There is also a user guide to tell you more and an option to switch the service on and off.


Resources for People with Accessibility Issues/ Additional Needs

Find accessible information for those who require additional information and support here.

This list will be regularly updated as new resources become available.

Last Updated on Monday, July 8, 2024

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