Housing charges

There may be a charge for the enforcement action we undertake. The following charges will be applied to the property owner under section 49 Housing Act 2004.

Enforcement action Charge 
Improvement notice £419.50
Prohibition order £419.50
Emergency remedial action £212.40
Emergency prohibition order £419.50
Hazard awareness notice £0
Review of suspended improvement notice £140.20
Review of suspended prohibition order £140.20
Demolition order £419.50
Statement of facts report £143.90
Immigration certificate £143.90

Where the enforcement procedure includes obtaining specialist reports or surveys such as electrical safety report, gas safety report or structural engineers report etc the additional costs incurred will be added to the above fees.

We may increase the amount of the standard fee where the work involved is significantly greater than average due to the size of the property or extent of deficiencies.

If you would like a pre-purchase inspection of a House in Multiple Occupation, to receive advice from one of our Officers on the standards required, we will be happy to do this. This service however, now incurs a fee of £143.90.

Last Updated on Tuesday, April 5, 2022

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