Order for recovery

An order for recovery notice informs the debtor that the penalty charge notice has been registered as a debt at County Court (the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court). Registering the debt incurs court costs and increases the charge by £8.

If you believe you have grounds to file a witness statement a TE9 form should be completed and sent to the Traffic Enforcement Centre. Do not send those forms to the Council.

Out of Time Witness Statements
There may be an occasion when the person named on the warrant of execution is unaware of the penalty charge.

After the issue of the warrant the person named can still file a witness statement but in order to do so they would need to complete an Application to file a Statement Out of Time (form TE7) and a witness statement (form TE9). Both forms can be obtained from the Traffic Enforcement Centre website. 

Before filing a witness statement it should be noted that if an applicant makes, or causes to be made, a false statement proceedings for contempt of court may be brought. 

TE7 (word 51KB)
TE9 (word 56KB)

Last Updated on 03 April 2019