Parking, Roads & Travel

Road names and numbering

The Council is responsible for ensuring that street name plates are provided and fitted in suitable positions. In the case of a new development, the developer is responsible for the erection of name plates to the Council's specification. To report damaged, missing or illegible street names please email:

Unadopted roads and private streets

A private street is a street that is not maintainable by the Council. To report a private street that is dangerous (for example a deep hole in the road suddenly appearing), Sefton Council can arrange barriers or road closures and the work is carried out by the owner/s.

Graffiti removal

We will aim to remove graffiti from Council property of a racial or obscene nature within 48 hours. All other non-offensive graffiti will be removed from Council property within 72 days.

We also offer a service to remove graffiti from private properties. There is a charge and a requirement for the owner to sign a disclaimer against any damage. Contact the council for more details.  


If you see a spillage on the highway of oil, gravel, sand, or dropped cargo, please report it to Merseyside Police. The Police will contact us if assistance is required. We would then aim to clear the spillage within 1 hour during the normal working day or within 2 hours if the incident is outside normal working hours.