Highway issues

  • Please be advised that due operational issues we are temporarily unable to meet our 10 day target response time. Please allow up to 28 days for site surveys to be completed before re-submitting your enquiry/complaint. Thank you for your cooperation in the interim.

  • In an out of hours emergency please contact Sefton Arc on 0151 922 6107. An emergency is an incident which provides an immediate risk to health and safety, such as missing gulley cover, missing manhole cover, carriageway collapse or roadway collision damage.

Highway damage as described below can be reported online

  • Blocked gullies or drains in the road (not on private property)
  • Carriageway (road) potholes¬†
  • Carriageway (road) requires resurfacing
  • Defective or missing gully or grid covers in the road
  • Defective or missing man hole covers on the pavement (not on private property)
  • Defective or missing road signs
  • Defective or missing street name plates
  • Defective utility boxes
  • Footway (pavement) needs resurfacing
  • Grass on public land needs cutting
  • Hedges need cutting
  • Overgrown weeds in public land
  • Defective guard rails
  • Defective road markings
  • Uneven footway (pavement)

Once we receive your online report we will investigate within ten working days of receipt, a repair may take up to 28 days after our initial inspection, this depends on the severity of the defect.

If our Inspectors deem the defect as dangerous then we will endeavour to make good and repair within two hours.

Last Updated on 13 November 2018