Highway Maintenance Funding Bids

Annual Progress Report – Pothole Action Fund 2018/19 Supplementary Bid

The Department for Transport has identified extra funding for councils to carry out road repairs to help to prevent the formation of potholes.

Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council received an additional grant of £1.283m for road repairs to supplement available revenue funding. This was extra funding in addition to the earlier grant of £476,956.

The Council committed to publishing an annual report on its website, which will be copied to the Department for Transport, showing how much money has been spent, along with the type of activities which have been undertaken and where.

Budgets had already been set aside to deal with potholes that have formed, been reported and require attention quickly.

This additional funding was used to undertake preventative type treatment measures and to deal with locations that have the potential to develop into potholes or that have suffered repeated pothole formation and require localised repair.

The funding supported the Council’s annual resurfacing programme by resurfacing 49,757 square metres of highway on the following sites:

Road NameLocationExtent of WorksWork Type
Leckwith Road Bootle All Resurfacing
Bedford Place Bootle All Resurfacing
Park Lane Netherton All Resurfacing
Duke Street Southport All Resurfacing
Moss Lane Hightown All Resurfacing
Kings Road Formby All Resurfacing
Knowlsey Road Bootle All Resurfacing
Melling Road Aintree All Resurfacing
Ward Avenue  Formby All Resurfacing
Ganton Close  Southport All Resurfacing
School Lane Formby All Resurfacing
Eastbank Street Southport All Resurfacing
Sefton Street Litherland All Resurfacing
Park Avenue  Southport All Resurfacing
Aintree Road Bootle All Resurfacing
Sefton Lane Maghull All Resurfacing
Spencers Lane Melling All Resurfacing
Bridge Street Southport All Resurfacing
Kenilworth Street Bootle All Resurfacing
Preston New Road Southport All Resurfacing
Bridle Road Bootle All Resurfacing


Annual Progress Report – Pothole Action Fund 2018/19 initial bid

Annual Progress Report Initial Bid (pdf 182KB)


Last Updated on 22 August 2019