Transport & Travel Schemes and Consultations

The Council is working on new transport & travel schemes as well as plans to consult on the following in 2021:

  • Eastern access to Southport
  • Southport walking and cycling routes
  • Maritime Corridor improvements
  • Crosby Coastal Park walking and cycling route

The walking and cycling routes are funded by the Governments Active Travel Fund and it is a condition of this funding that our engagement plan is made available on our website. We have created an outline plan of how we intend to engage.

This plan will be discussed at the Council's Public Engagement and Consultation Panel, taking place on Friday 15th January, so may be subject to change. 

You can read a copy of the draft plan here.

Further detail will be provided once a consultation on this scheme is due to be launched. 

Sefton Council is developing plans to improve the transport links in the area between the A59 Ormskirk Road and the A5036 Dunnings Bridge Road, stretching from Switch Island to Netherton Way (A5038). This area has been described as the Maritime Corridor.

The Maritime Corridor scheme area includes important junctions  on Ormskirk Road (A59), Dunnings Bridge Road (A5036) and Netherton Way (A5038) as well as the local road network.

The scheme will also help to link the area to the wider region and encourage growth of business and local opportunities for residents. The scheme includes improvements at five key junctions and better provision for walking and cycling (active travel).

Both Sefton Council and the wider Liverpool City Region are committed to the economic development of this area and see it as key to taking advantage of the opportunities for both existing and future businesses provided by growth of the Port of Liverpool. The scheme aims to improve access to and through the area for walking, cycling and motor vehicles so that existing and future businesses have the best chance to thrive. The Council’s scheme is not related to or dependent on the Port of Liverpool Access Scheme (POLAS) currently being developed by Highways England. 

Sefton Council are now keen to get the opinions of local business, residents and other key consultees at this very early stage about the potential junction improvements and active travel elements, which will make up the final scheme. The Council is developing a business case to apply for future funding for the scheme and the results of this consultation will feed into the business case process.

The Council has launched a consultation, via the Your Sefton Your Say consultation portal, which will help shape and form the scheme as it moves forwards. 

The consultation will run until Sunday 11 April 2021 and the feedback will be reviewed and considered in the development of the next stages of the scheme by spring 2021.  A report summarising the consultation feedback and next stages will be produced and made available on this website. 

Further detail will be provided once a consultation on this scheme is due to be launched. 


Last Updated on Monday, March 1, 2021

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