Pharmacy Needs Assessment

Since 1st April 2013, Health and Wellbeing Boards have had responsibility to produce a Pharmacy Needs Assessment (PNA).  This is a statutory document that assesses the pharmacy needs of the local population, by identifying what services are currently available in the area and where we are likely to need these services in the future because of changes to the health or geographical location of local people. 

The PNA is used by NHS England when deciding on pharmacy applications.  The published PNA will be used as the framework for commissioning pharmacy services.  If gaps in provision are identified, new providers can apply to deliver appropriate services to meet the need.

A new PNA is required every three years, unless the annual review has identified changes to need which are of a significant extent thus triggering an earlier revised assessment.

The new Pharmacy Needs Assessment has been agreed by the Sefton Health and Wellbeing Board and is available for download. 

There is reference to the new JSNA pages which can be found at /your-council/plans-policies/business-intelligence,-insight,-performance/joint-strategic-needs-assessment-(jsna).aspx


Last Updated on 01 June 2018