Moving with Dignity

The current standard practice in caring for people who need to be supported in moving and handling i.e. transfers /hoisting/cared for in bed currently requires two staff working together. Evidence from other local authorities who have reviewed all care package indicate that between 20% and 44% of care packages will be able to benefit from single handed care.

Recent developments in both equipment and moving and handling techniques have led to new and better types of equipment. It has been shown in many cases that care can be provided safely by using different equipment and techniques therefore, reducing the need for two care workers and providing greater dignity for the for the person receiving care. Sefton Council would like to undertake a review of these packages of care with a view to providing a single carer wherever possible.  This approach is made possible by a new systems approach involving new technology, training and equipment in the safe moving and handling of people. This approach will work in a large proportion of instances, but will not be appropriate for everyone. Each review will be specific to the person being cared for, considering the home environment.

Packages of care that require two staff are expensive, difficult to rota and can often cause delayed discharges from hospital. It reduces the care packages available to support other people. The approach has shown a decrease in the number of delayed transfers of care and people are cared for in a way which is more person centred, caring and effective. 

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Last Updated on 24 July 2019