Independent Visiting

An Independent Visitor is a friendly adult who would like to get to know you, spend time with you and share interests with you - if you want! Independent Visitors are volunteers; they are called ‘Independent’ as they are not social workers, support workers or carers. An independent visitor should be fun, easy to get on with, a good listener, easy to talk to and a friend.

An Independent Visitor will usually visit you once a month to go out and do activities together. This may be going to the cinema, for a walk in the park, shopping or anything else you enjoy doing!

An Independent Visitor will usually visit you once a month for at least two years, though this may differ depending on the circumstances.

You can ask for an Independent Visitor if you are under 18yrs, are looked after by Sefton Local Authority and have little or no contact with family.

Yes, you will get a choice of who you want as your Independent Visitor or whether you want one at all! We will always try to match you to someone who is local and shares the same interests as you.

An independent visitor should be fun and easy to get on with.  However if you are not happy with your Independent Visitor you can discuss this in confidence with the Independent Visiting and Advocacy Officer.

“I get on really well with my Independent visitor, Jane; she is really supportive and has helped me through some difficult times. It is good to have someone who understands and who I can talk to. I know Jane will never judge me. When I have moved to different placements Jane has always been there for me and I know she won’t let me down”.

“I love having an Independent Visitor. We do lots of fun things together and it has given me more confidence to just be myself. My Independent visitor is very supportive and encourages me to try new things and develop my skills. It’s good to have someone who is positive and really cares but more importantly it good knowing that there is someone there just for me.”

If you are interested in becoming an Independent Visitor, you can call the Independence and Advocacy team on 0151 934 4080 or by email below.

Last Updated on 18 April 2018