Notification of placement

Information on the arrangements for placement of children in Children's Homes and Looked after Children.

Where a Looked After child is placed, moves or is discharged from placement by a Local Authority in the area of another Local Authority, a notification must be made to the Local Authority's Children's Social Care Services where the child's placement is located.

Who else needs to know?

  • Education Service and Health Trust 
  • Missing Persons Police officer (if there is a history of going missing)
  • Sefton Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub MASH (if there is involvement with child Sexual Exploitation) 
  • Youth Offending team (if they are already known to the service).

The Sefton Children’s Social Care team will maintain a register of Looked After children for who it is responsible for, and all looked after children placed in its area. This includes those children who are the responsibility of another Local Authority as per the above Statutory Regulations.

Children's Homes

The Manager of the Children’s Home in which the child is being placed must notify the Local Authority (if different from the placing Authority) of the admission to/discharge from the home of any child.

How to make a notification

Complete the secure online form(s) providing as much information as possible.


Last Updated on 03 March 2016

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