Children and young people

Young people can contact us directly

If you are age 12 and over, you're reading this page and these are issues you are dealing with in your life, you don't need your family or a professional to contact us on your behalf. You can speak to CAS directly on 0151 288 6025.

Sefton's Community Adolescent Service, or the CAS for short, is here to help young people age 12-25 years with issues that are causing family relationship problems and where young people are being pushed to be in a gang, are suffering sexual exploitation, if they or their parents have problems with drugs and alcohol, they have poor mental health, experience violence at, or have run away from home.

We want to deal with problems before they grow and lead to young people coming into the care of Sefton Council.

Our team is currently involved in a range of programmes designed to support the development of young people and their families. Looking ahead, we will introduce more programmes as the CAS grows. 

Values of the CAS

  • We believe in 'One Family, One Worker, One Plan' - you and your family should not have to share your personal history over and over again with different workers from our team, so one member of the CAS will support you from start to finish
  • We want to work together with you and your family - to do this we want your consent first as all our experience tells us this is needed for us to work with you to make a positive change in your family
  • Once you are involved with us, our door will always be open to you, even after your issue has been dealt with. We understand that you will need help and advice at different times in your life. Once you have been referred to our service at the CAS, you won't need to go through the process again.

The aims of the CAS

  • We work with all of our partners to help lower the number of children who are looked after in Sefton.
  • We help young people who are unsafe to be safe and grow to be able to address the issues they face as they grow up and reach their full potential.
  • We develop and carry out a wide range of methods and services to deal with important risk factors that we know can lead to poor parental care, and are usually responsible for children needing to be cared for by Sefton Council.
  • We will keep the young person as the focus in all that we assess, plan and do.

Last Updated on Friday, April 30, 2021

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