Information for schools

Active Aquatics aims to deliver a high quality and efficient programme of swimming lessons, which meet the needs of the National Curriculum for school pupils across Sefton.

We have staff based at five swimming pools across Sefton: 

All children should be able to access swimming lessons through school as swimming and water safety is a compulsory part of the national curriculum.

Our instructors

Active Aquatics instructors and swimming teachers are engaged in direct delivery of the service. All are trained to ASA NVQ II swimming qualification and possess significant experience and expertise. Many have further qualifications appropriate to the areas of support. All swimming teachers hold RLSS National Pool Lifeguard Qualification or RLSS Teachers Rescue Certificate.

They are responsible for the implementation of the Tops Swimming Programme as per the National Curriculum and encouraging further progression through Active Aquatics Awards Scheme from 5 metres upwards to survival and water safety. Weekly registers are taken and swimming achievement and progress records are held for every pupil.

Instructors are responsible for the water based safety, organisation and instruction of the pupils, and will ensure the correct codes of conduct and safety are observed poolside and in the pool. In accordance with BAALPE recommendations the overall duty of care afforded to the pupils remains with the school and its representatives.

Galas and clubs

Our teachers work closely with schools in preparing pupils for annual Schools Galas and encouraging swimming club membership. We work with ASA affiliated clubs.

The Swimming Teachers will also be responsible for the water based safety, organisation and instruction of the pupils, and will ensure the correct codes of Conduct and Safety are observed on the poolside and in the pool. In accordance with BAALPE recommendations the overall duty of care afforded to the pupils remains with the school and its representatives.

The Aquatics team will be in touch with Schools regarding dates of the next Gala. 

For further information please contact the Aquatics team by email or telephone 0151 934 2927.

Governing bodies 

The governing body (The ASA) aims to ensure everybody has an opportunity to learn to swim. They have been working closely with the deliverers and supporters of school swimming for a number of years delivering and assisting in such programmes as National School Sport Strategy, P.E, School Sport and Club Links programme, National Curriculum Training Programme and Top up Swimming. They have developed resources for primary school teachers and courses to enhance their skills on the poolside in delivering swimming lessons within the school environment. Also certificates are available to recognised individual achievement.

Active Aquatics is the one point of contact for pool use, instructors and transport. We are responsible for co-ordinating courses to enhance the expertise of teachers with regard to swimming and in particular safe practices and lifesaving.

We currently have space for schools at some pools so please contact us if you are interested in working with us. 

Last Updated on 30 October 2017