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We are committed to developing an economy that connects Sefton to the City Region and beyond, in which businesses, employees, jobseekers and working age adults receive the help they need, and the benefits of growth are maximised for the people and places of the Borough.

In order to do this we have produced the following documents to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the economy and bring together local partners and organisations to work towards our goal of developing a strong economy in Sefton.

Local Economic Assessment

The Local Economic Assessment was produced to provide an evidence-based and objective assessment of the borough of Sefton. Identifying new opportunities and developing effective responses to these, drawing on an understanding of the position and challenges, and a shared aspiration.

Economic Strategy

This was the first economic strategy for Sefton in more than 10 years. It steers the work of all our partners as we strive to improve the long-term prospects of our economy, our businesses and our communities.

Performance Monitoring Reports

The Performance Monitoring Framework established in these reports is intended to show how partners have addressed these many challenges identified in the Sefton Economic Strategy; and documents many successes and achievements.

The report contains

  • headline summary of Sefton’s overall performance
  • more detailed assessment of trends
  • statistical profile of Sefton using the latest indicators
  • narrative of performance against each of the five strategic objectives
  • glossary of terms is included to guide new users through any unavoidable jargon.
Sefton Economic Strategy 2012 – 2022 (pdf 1.24MB)
Strategy Appendix 1 (pdf 742KB)
Strategy Appendix 2 (pdf 413KB)
Strategy Appendix 3 (pdf 310KB)
Economic Performance March 2017 (pdf 2.64MB)
Economic Performance September 2016 (pdf 2.58MB)
Economic Performance March 2016 (pdf 2.35MB)
Economic Performance September 2015 (pdf 2.23MB)
Economic Performance March 2015 (pdf 2.31MB)
Economic Performance Sept 2014 (pdf 1.36MB)
Economic Performance March 2014 (pdf 1.2MB)
Local Economic Assessment May 2011 (pdf 2.34MB)
Local Economic Assessment Annexes (pdf 3.66MB)

Last Updated on 08 March 2018