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01 May 2024 3min read

Sefton Children's Services is launching a new way to refer in to the service, focused on high quality conversations and early interventions.

From today (1st May ), a new phone number will be available for professionals and the public to ring if they have a concern about a child or need some advice on support services available to families in Sefton.

"Conversation is key"

The two new teams, Sefton Children’s Help and Advice Team (CHAT) and Sefton Family Advice and Support Team (FAST) will be available to take calls and work with the people who know a family best to find next steps and solutions and offer advice and support to families in Sefton.

CHAT will offer help and advice where there is a safeguarding concern for a child and it is felt there is need for a social worker led intervention; they will talk through the issues with the person calling and agree some next steps which might include arranging an assessment, directing families to our Early Help services or signposting to some general support and advice in the community.

FAST will offer the same service but in an Early Help setting where a family may need some support across a range of issues including anti-social behaviour, parenting, debt advice or support with positive relationships.

Help and Support

This new way of working is centred around conversation rather than paper forms and emails, stripping away unnecessary process and getting to the heart of the issue with the people who know families best.

Dr Risthardh Hare, Director for Children’s Services in Sefton said: “I am thrilled to see months of hard work come together today to launch our CHAT and FAST services.

“We know that we have work to do in order to build a Children’s Services in Sefton that our children and families deserve and getting the front door to our service right is a crucial part of that.

“The launch today of the new ‘conversation model’ here in Sefton marks a tremendous step forward away from unnecessary process and towards early intervention and high quality conversations with our children and families at the heart of it all.”

To find out more about CHAT and FAST, please visit our website and

CHAT: 0151 934 4013

FAST: 0151 934 4545

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