Chance that persistent rain overnight and tomorrow could result in flooding in Sefton

19 October 2023 2 min read

Although Sefton is not going to be affected by Storm Babet, a long period of persistent rain starting in the early hours of Friday 20th October and continuing through the day possibly into Saturday could lead to a rise in water levels and potential flooding.


A Yellow warning, the lowest category, for rain that covers the North West, including Sefton, has been issued by the Met Office. Currently it lasts from midnight tonight until early Saturday morning.

Some areas of Sefton are prone to be flooding if rivers overflow during periods of heavy and persistent rain and the Council is reminding residents that information and advice can be found on this website.

You can use this link to find the flooding information pages

Flood Hub

There are also links to The Flood Hub at, where people can sign up for alerts and find information for communities to manage flood and coastal risk across the North West.

While Sefton is not experiencing the worst of the weather this time, it is likely that further storms will hit the UK over the coming months.

Because of this, the Council encourages residents to visit its Flooding Pages and if they find they do live in an area likely to be affected, to follow the advice and make preparations to protect their properties.

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