Changes to Property Pool Plus allocations policy - update

14 November 2023 3 min read

Changes to the system for matching Merseyside residents with available social or affordable housing that meets their needs have been delayed.

Originally due to launch in November 2023, the new Property Pool Plus Scheme is now scheduled to be launched on Monday 8th January 2024.

Due to the delay, the existing scheme has reopened to new applications  and properties are being advertised.

You can use this link to visit the Property Pool Plus website.

New allocations policy

When it is introduced in January, the change in policy is designed to simplify the system by reducing the number of priority bands from six to four and making some changes to the criteria by which people are accepted into each band.

The changes to the criteria will impact on factors such as an applicant’s connection to
the area in which they are looking for accommodation, whether they have previously
owned property, how much they might have in savings, whether there are under 18s in the household, whether they have previously had rent arrears or displayed unacceptable behaviour.

There is no need for anyone registered with Property Pool Plus to do anything just yet
ahead of these changes coming in – this is just advance notification.

Check regularly 

In the coming months, people are being asked to regularly check the PPP website for
updates and news at Read any emails, letters or PPP account messages that might be sent directly - and respond to any requests for information to assess your case under the new policy.

Anyone that is asked to renew their application should ensure they do this within the fourweek time scales advised.

What’s not changing is:

  • how all available properties are advertised;

  • how people can bid on them;

  • where all the information about registering and bidding is found,

which will still be

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