Contractor selected to lead on Southport Pier refurbishment

29 April 2024 7min read

A specialist team for the delivery of the Southport Pier refurbishment project has now been finalised. 

The collective of industry-leading experts identified to bring one of Southport's most iconic attractions back into use have been busy working alongside Sefton Council since the temporary closure was announced.


Their work will ensure the delivery of Southport Pier's refurbishment is in the best possible position once funding is available, which Sefton Council is continually work tirelessly to identify.

It is estimated that the full refurbishment works required to ensure the Pier can open safely again could exceed £13 million, more than £10 million in excess of the £3m that the Council have already agreed to borrow to fund decking replacement.

A E Yates, who have recently completed detailed exploratory and investigation works on Southport Pier, are the latest addition to the project team. They have been chosen as the contractor to support the next phase of design and planning works required.

Track Record

The selection of A E Yates, who have a successful C.V. and track record of working on large scale refurbishment projects, follows on from their detailed explorations of the Pier’s steel structure.

This helped to set out the scale of challenge faced by Sefton Council as it continues to seek additional funding to restore the Pier to its former glory.

An A E Yates spokesperson said: “We are delighted to be selected by Sefton Council under a pre-construction services agreement to be part of this important and prestigious project in the centre of Southport. 

“The Pier is such a well-known attraction in the North-West and we are excited to be an integral part of the team helping to bring it back to life for locals and visitors alike.”


It’s not only A E Yates who are working hard to bring Southport Pier back into use once again.

Sefton Council has assembled a team of industry experts to oversee and manage the Pier project including Southport based RAL Architects, Project and Cost Managers Gardiner & Theobald, Structural engineers Fairhurst, Steve A Hunt & Associates and Pegasus Planning.

Shared goal of refurbishing Southport Pier

Phil Porter, Chief Executive of Sefton Council, said: “I’m delighted that we have so many expert people working together towards our shared goal of refurbishing Southport Pier.

“We held an intensive tender process to ensure we have the best of the best working on the Pier and we are confident A E Yates are the partners for us. 

“Many will already be aware of A E Yates for carrying out the recent intensive exploratory and investigation works, which have built on previous structural surveys and have given the Council a more accurate picture of steelwork that was installed more than 22 years ago. 

“A E Yates and our project team will now work to finalise all drawings, construction details and a programme of future works including detailed costings.

“Sefton Council has and will continue to invest resources and funds into the Southport Pier project and I have seen first-hand the incredible depth of planning that is being done to put us in the best possible position to begin the refurbishment once vital and necessary funding is secured.

"We continue to engage with a range of central and regional government departments and other parties over identifying funding for the refurbishment and longer-term maintenance of Southport Pier."

A report will now be drafted which all options and next steps will be outlined.

You can find out more about Southport Pier here

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