Council responds to closure of Pontins at Ainsdale

05 January 2024 2 min read

Sefton Council has responded to this week’s announcement by Britannia Group that it has closed its Pontins site in Ainsdale.

Further meeting sought

A Council spokesperson said: “Sefton Council has for some considerable time sought to have contact with Britannia Group regarding its assets within the Borough, which includes Pontins in Ainsdale.

“Following rumours circulating  before Christmas, officers met with consultants representing  Britannia about the future of the Pontins site and a further meeting has been sought.

“Obviously this is a worrying time for people employed at the site and we would like to remind them that the Council’s Sefton@Work team has made the offer to Britannia to provide advice guidance and help for people seeking alternative employment and wanting to make a career change, and can also be contacted directly by those individuals affected."

People can use this link to find out the support Sefton@Work can provide for people for people seeking alternative employment and wanting to make a career change.

Requirement of lease must be met

They continued: “The freehold of the Pontins site is held by Sefton Council, and is subject to a long lease, which includes a number of provisions incumbent upon the operator.

“This means that if Pontins, Britannia or any other party want to change the nature of the operations on site and or redevelop it for the same, similar or alternative purposes, the Council would need to be satisfied that they meet the requirements of the lease. Any further planning permissions and other licenses necessary would also be required.

“At this moment in time, Britannia have not shared their immediate or longer term intentions with us, but the Council is committed to looking at the long-term, sustainable growth of the area and the needs of local people, and will continue to press for a meeting with the company soon.”


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