Council sets budget and looks to the future

01 March 2024 2min read

Leaders at Sefton Council set the authority’s budget for the coming year promising to continue to protect vital frontline services and support the most vulnerable in the borough.

The budget comes amid a backdrop of local authorities up and down the country struggling to balance their books but bosses at the council say it is important we look forward to a positive future.

Councils are the fabric of society

Councillors pledged more money to support adult and children’s services and funding is also being set aside to help with re-opening Southport Pier.

Councillor Marion Atkinson, Leader of Sefton Council, said: “The situation facing councils up and down the country, not just in Sefton, is desperate and this is the impact of years of austerity, cuts to local government funding and funding not reflecting changes in demand or cost.

“Councils are the fabric of society that bring local services together for residents but at the moment that fabric is being stretched to breaking point.

“We have reluctantly agreed to increase council tax to help us in delivering vital services.”

Councils are having huge challenges

The budget is being set at a time when councils across the country are facing a deficit of £4 billion this year and next just to maintain services as they are.

The measures agreed for Sefton include a set of savings totalling about £4.25 million. That includes discontinuing the use of Southport park and ride and increasing fees and charges for some services.

It also sets out investment of £10.6 million, which is largely to meet the costs of increasing demand for adult and children’s social care but also support with the funding to repair Southport Pier.

Budget will set us up for the future

Councillor Atkinson continued: “While the finances paint a pretty bleak picture we have to get on with the job and continue to deliver for our residents.

“While money may be tight, we are in a position where we are able to protect our vital frontline services for residents and by building on the great work that is done by our communities to support each other we can focus on what really matters to residents.

“Thanks to the ambition we are showing for the borough we are attracting investment running into tens of millions of pounds into Sefton and that will help set us up for the future creating more jobs and improving our neighbourhoods.”

Residents will be asked to pay an extra 4.99% on the council’s portion of the bill – equivalent to an increase of £1.58 per week for the average Band C property.

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