Dont get caught out by a rubbish deal reminder

02 May 2023 2 min read

If you get someone to take away your rubbish for you, make sure they are not going to dump or fly-tip it. Because if they do, the law says you could end up with a fine.

Fly tipping can attract a fixed penalty fine up to £400 and this includes rubbish other people have dumped on your behalf. 


Recently criminals have been going door to door offering rubbish removal services for cash-in-hand. That rubbish is then being fly-tipped and if any of it is traced back to you, it could mean a fine of up to £400.

If you hire someone to dispose of your rubbish you should:

  • ask the person who collects your waste to see their registration – it should start with CBDU, followed by a set of numbers. Take a photo if possible;

  • check their credentials, visit the Government's registered waste carrier webpages or call the Environment Agency on 03708 506506.

  • ask where they’re proposing to take your waste and if they have a waste transfer note.

Don’t pay cash. Ask for an invoice and pay by a secure payment method or cheque, so payments can be traced if the waste is fly-tipped.

It is also a good idea to get more than one quote and expect to pay a reasonable fee.

Don’t let a deal that sounds too good to be true, end up being an expensive mistake!

Bulky items

The Council works with local charities who collect furniture and household items free of charge to support local people in need.

Or we can collect bulky waste items for £10.50 per 3 bulky items.

Use this link to find out more and book a bulky item collection.

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