Energy-efficient LED lighting helps Sefton on its way to net zero emissions

25 July 2023 6min read

A staggering twenty six thousand public lights will be upgraded across roads and residential areas in Sefton over the next two years.

The upgrade scheme, which could see around £1.8 million a year saved on energy consumption, is designed to improve the ageing stock of street lights around the borough by installing brand new LED lighting.


This will ensure greater energy efficiency, reduced costs and maintenance, all while ensuring streets and residential areas remain well lit for residents and visitors.

Delivered by industry leaders Signify on behalf of Sefton Council, the lighting upgrade is a major step in the Local Authority's goal to hit net zero by 2030.

Energy costs

Skyrocketing energy prices and the need for safer streets for pedestrian and highway users have raised the urgency of replacing legacy technology with alternatives that are long lasting, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly.

Signify’s Philips LumiStreet gen2 LED lamps can produce excellent light levels using far less energy than their conventional counterparts and require little ongoing maintenance.

Sefton Council worked with Jones Lighting to carry out trials comparing results from different manufacturers to assess their relative quality and efficiency. Signify’s lighting solution impressed the council with its design, performance, and total cost of ownership, which considers how the initial project investment is offset by the energy savings achieved by converting existing lighting to LED.


The reduction in ongoing energy costs is expected to pay for the project in full within 8 years.

Mark Bond, Senior Street Lighting Engineer at Sefton Council said: “After an extensive test of the market in which we reviewed the lanterns performance and costs followed on site trails, we determined that Signify would be our preferred manufacturer for the LED conversion scheme.

“Signify’s lanterns provided us with excellent output in terms of lighting performance and energy efficiency.

"After working with their logistics team, we’ve been very pleased with delivery timescales and overall performance.”

Dervan Alleyne, Director Public Lighting and Sports Lighting, Signify UKI, added: “Addressing climate change is the most urgent issue of our age.

"The lighting upgrade reinforces how lighting can contribute to the council’s agenda and the environment.

"We are proud to support Sefton Council in its journey to net zero and at the same time, create an improved experience for local people and visitors."

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