Have your say on Sefton’s dog control Public Spaces Protection Order

31 January 2024 3 min read

As part of Sefton Council’s mission to promote responsible dog ownership across the Borough, a consultation has launched to discuss extending current dog control measures.

Running until Sunday 18th February, the consultation will help the Council decide whether to continue with the current Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) on dog control . A PSPO is an official measure used to protect the public from anti-social behaviour in the local area.

Sefton Council’s proposal is to extend the current Order, which has been in effect since 2021, for another three years until 2027.

Dogs should be kept on leads.According to the Order, individuals can be fined for:

  • Not removing dog fouling;
  • Walking more than six dogs at any one time;
  • Allowing dogs to enter enclosed playgrounds or sports pitches, including multi-use game sport facilities;
  • Not ensuring that dogs are kept on a lead of no more than 2m within defined picnic sites and family areas, public roads and footways, and cemeteries and crematoria.

It also allows authorised officers to direct dog owners to place their dog on a lead to prevent behaviour that is likely to cause disturbance to others.

Cllr Paulette Lappin, Sefton Council’s Cabinet Member for Regulatory, Compliance and Corporate Services, said: “Our dog control PSPOs have been shown to have  an impact in local areas, which is why we are proposing to keep the measures in place for a further three years.

“This won’t affect most dog owners, who already do the right things, but it will make sure that any failures by owners to maintain safe dog control are addressed properly.

“I strongly encourage residents to get involved with the consultation, so we can make decisions in the Borough’s best interests.”

A short survey is available on the Council’s Your Sefton Your Say Website.

Anyone who may need help to complete the online form, or would like a hard copy can call the Council on 0151 934 2271 or email etscontact@sefton.gov.uk.

People can find out more about Sefton Council’s current PSPO on dog control on our dedicated dogs pages.

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