Information for visitors to Sefton coast this weekend

19 April 2024 3 min read

Over the last couple of weeks, the Sefton coastline has endured a range of adverse weather conditions, including 10-metre-high tides, strong winds of more than 50mph and 3-meter-high waves crashing against our seafronts.

As the weather begins to settle, the Council’s Green Sefton team are sharing a few reminders for people planning on visiting the Borough’s beaches.

Debris and driftwood

The stormy weather blew a substantial amount of litter and debris inland which will take some time to clear completely. Green Sefton are working to remove it as quickly as possible, and unfortunately in cases like this machinery is not as effective as removing it by hand.

Debris and litter can pose a range of hazards and people are reminded to take care, particularly those with young children or walking their dog.

Driftwood may also be found washed up across our coastline. We ask people to please leave this alone as driftwood, seaweed and other natural debris provide an invaluable habitat for a host of invertebrate creatures.

Elsewhere, contractors have been engaged to repair and replace handrails where they have been damaged. We ask people to take extra care while this work is being carried out.

Beach clean ups

For anyone wanting to help with the clearance, Green Sefton and local community groups host voluntary beach litter picking events regularly. For the latest information, keep an eye on Green Sefton social media channels:

Facebook @GreenSefton

Instagram @GreenSefton

X @GreenSefton_

Coastal erosion and defences

It is also important for visitors to stay away from areas prone to coastal erosion for their safety. This includes the space north of the coastguard station at Crosby beach, which should be avoided because the ground is unstable after recent erosion from the stormy weather.

There is a public consultation underway on Crosby Interim Coastal Defences and people are encouraged to have their say on the plans to protect coastal paths. The consultation specifically focuses on the King Charles III coastal walking path and a national cycling route which is at risk of being washed away.

People can find out more and have their say at: Your Sefton Your Say

Windblown sand

Owing to repairs being carried out on the Telehandler, the specialist piece of equipment Green Sefton use for sand removal, visitors to Crosby Coastal Park may notice a greater level of sand than usual on the coastal footpaths.

As on any coastline, pathways will always be prone to windblown sand, an inevitable outcome of living by such a beautiful and dynamic landscape.

Our Green Sefton team undertake regular observation and maintenance to ensure that these coastal footpaths and cycleways are kept as clear as possible. This work is undertaken as quickly as resources allow.

To find out more about our beaches, please visit:

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