People being urged to #thinkbeforeyoushare online

24 October 2023 2 min read

The Council is joining Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, Emily Spurrell in urging people across Sefton and Merseyside are being urged to think carefully before sharing information online.

Misinformation and rumours

Increasingly, misinformation and rumours are being circulated online as facts, ,which can have a harmful effect on individuals and groups. Often it is done maliciously for a specific reason or to influence other people’s opinions.

To raise people’s awareness of this, people are being urged to think twice about what they see online.


A new campaign - #Thinkbeforeyoushare - advices people to pause for a moment and think SHARE before passing it on. SHARE stands for

Source – Does the information come from a trusted source? Is the person who sent it to you the originator of the information? If not, who is? Do you know them? Do you trust them? Checking these things can help you determine if a source is reliable.

Headline - Always read beyond the headline – they don’t always tell the full story. Always check the date and read to the end before you share articles with family and friends.

Analyse - If something sounds unbelievable, it very well might be. Don’t assume because something is published online its fact. Anyone can put information online and not everyone shares information for a good reason.

Retouched - Does the image or video look as though it has been altered? It might be edited, or show an unrelated place or event?

Error - Look out for mistakes - typos, spelling mistakes or things that don’t make sense could indicate the information is false. Official guidance or things shared by trusted sources like the Police or the local authority will always have been carefully checked so should have no errors.

Malicious intent

Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner, Emily Spurrell said: “We are seeing more and more examples of misinformation and rumour being circulated as fact online, often done with malicious intent or with a specific purpose of influencing other people’s opinions.

This is something we all need to be aware of and have in the back of our minds when viewing information online. 

“Unfortunately, as misinformation is often presented as fact and can spread quickly, we are seeing people innocently sharing this misinformation assuming it to be factual when it isn’t.

"This can have significant consequences for individuals and the wider community too and we have seen the impact of that here in Merseyside.

 “I would urge all of our communities to be mindful of what they share online and help us to stop damaging or malicious rumours to spread.”

You can use this link to find out about staying safe online.



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