Sefton Council responds to Remembrance Sunday parking fine claims

14 November 2023 3min read

Claims circulating that Sefton Council targeted people attending the Remembrance Sunday service in Southport in order to issue parking fine notices are untrue.

You may have seen online or in the media a claim made that officers contracted to Sefton Council issued parking fines to people attending the Remembrance Sunday Service in the town centre. 

We have produced the following Questions and Answers in response to these erroneous claims.

1. Did Sefton Council issue parking fines (Penalty Charge Notices or PCNs) during the 11am Remembrance Sunday service in Southport?


2. How many parking fines (PCNs)were issued in the Tulketh Street area on Sunday November 12th in Southport Town Centre?


3. When were these fines issued?

After 12pm. 

4. Is this a higher number than a normal Sunday?

No. On Sunday November 5th a total of 5 PCNs were issued in the same area while on Sunday October 29th a total of 4  PCNs were issued. 

5. Were there faulty ticket machines that meant some people could not pay for a ticket?

Yes. We were later made aware of an intermittent fault with the card payment transaction processing system which resulted in a small number of people being unable to pay by card, or by cash.

This fault was not something we had any control over and as soon as it was brought to our attention we stopped enforcement of paid-for parking places.

We do have an operational phone payment system and ability to pay via smartphone app. 

6. Can people who received a PCN appeal?

Yes. Anyone who feels they did receive a ticket unjustly having tried to pay by card on Sunday November 12th should contact the council via

7. Why are Sefton Council taking the time to address these claims?

The insinuation that our hard working Civil Enforcement Officers targeted those paying their respects on Remembrance Sunday is deliberately inflammatory.

These claims will no doubt add to the completely unnecessary and uncalled for abuse our officers regularly receive while carrying out their jobs.

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