Sefton Council supports Net Zero Week 2023

06 July 2023 2min read

Net Zero Week, running from 1-7 July, is the UK’s national awareness week that aims to highlight the need to reduce our carbon emissions to combat the effects of climate change.

Net zero differs from ‘carbon neutral’ as this can be achieved by simply offsetting the carbon emissions of a business or home.

Whereas net zero, in spirit, means reducing emissions to their lowest amount through energy efficiency measures and then using offsetting as a last resort to balance remaining hard to remove emissions.

In 2019, the Council announced a Net Zero 2030 target, which was set out in the Sefton Council’s Climate Emergency declaration. This means all Council decision making reports must consider climate implications and training has been developed for all staff to ensure that all areas of the Council are on board with this ambitious but necessary work.

Since 2019-20, there has been a 2036 tonne (18 percent) reduction in Council emissions. And further information will be available on the Council’s progress in the 2023 Climate Emergency Annual Report which will be published in the coming months.

Net Zero Week has a dedicated website full of expert advice and information to help explain the challenge and how to benefit from making changes. 

People are encouraged to find out more by visiting the Net Zero Week 2023 website.

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