Special Guest visits Sefton as part of Social Work Week

19 March 2024 3min read

Sefton hosted a special guest ahead of Social Work Day (19th March) as England’s Chief Social Worker for Children and Families, Isabelle Trowler CBE, paid social workers a visit and learned more about what social work in Sefton is all about.

Sefton Children’s Services have a whole week of events planned aimed at improving areas of practice including, assessment, planning and listening to children, young people and families.


Cllr Mhairi Doyle, Cabinet Member for Children’s Social Care said:

“Social Work Week is a chance to celebrate the work of all practitioners who support children, young people and families and we were thrilled to host the Chief Social Worker in Sefton this week.

“This visit was so important to us to throw Sefton’s journey into the spotlight and hear from such an influential figure as to how we can continue to work hard to improve services for children.”


During the visit, the Chief Social Worker spoke to social workers about children’s social care reform, including the National Framework, as well as a Q&A session with staff and a meet and greet with new graduates from the Social Work Academy, giving them a bespoke session to chat through the pressures of being newly qualified in a demanding sector.


Dr Risthardh Hare, Director of Children’s Services added:

“We were delighted to host England’s Chief Social Worker for Children and Families here in Sefton today and have the chance to learn from the most senior practitioner in the country. We share Isabelle’s passion for the voice of children and young people being heard and families being supported overcome their own challenges.

“It was great to give our Academy graduates the opportunity to ask questions of Isabelle and learn from the very top. This is just another example of the unique development and support on offer to Newly Qualified Social Workers in Sefton.”


England’s Chief Social Worker for Children and Families, Isabelle Trowler CBE said:

“I want to thank everyone in Sefton for giving me such a warm welcome and being a vibrant and reflective organisation to spend day one of Social Work Week with.

“I have enjoyed learning about Sefton’s approach and their determination to getting the right support, at the right time for the right people and hearing about Sefton’s enthusiasm for children’s social care reform

“I want to recognise the work of Sefton’s social workers and all those who support families here to get the best for children and young people and help them achieve what they set out to achieve.”



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