Talking Balls: Sefton addresses media coverage of 'leather football ban'

26 September 2023 4min read

People may have seen a number of news articles which erroneously claim Sefton Council is banning the use of leather footballs in school playgrounds.

Following these reports people have questioned if Sefton Council are enforcing this reported 'ban.'

Is Sefton Council banning leather footballs in schools? 


What actually happened?

In 2020 Sefton Council was approached by a number of residents who live close to a privately operated school within the borough.

The residents raised a large number of noise and anti-social behaviour complaints against pupils of the school. 

The Local Authority's Anti-Social Behaviour teams investigated these complaints and ultimately issued a Community Protection Notice, which sought to encourage the school to address the concerns of residents.

The school's operators were fully supportive and cooperative with Sefton Council and immediately took steps to install measures to reduce the level of disturbance for surrounding homes.

While awaiting the installation of these measures, a number of temporary restrictions were imposed. This included, but was not limited to, the temporary measure of swapping out cowhide or vulcanised rubber footballs for foam footballs.

Once the permanent noise-reduction measures were installed, all temporary restrictions, including the change of footballs, were lifted.

How long were temporary restrictions in place?

Less than six months.

Why was a Community Protection Notice needed?

A Community Protection Notice (CPN) warning was issued to ensure the owners of the privately school understood the severity of the issues levied against them by neighbouring homes. 

Throughout the process Sefton Council would like to note the school and its operators were fully cooperative, helpful and sympathetic to the issues raised by residents and sought to work with all parties involved to resolve all concerns to the best of their ability.

What powers does Sefton Council have to combat anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour is any action that causes distress or affects another person's quality of life. It can take many forms and be caused by adults as well as young people.

To find out more about how Sefton Council can get involved to combat anti-social behaviour please visit this link.

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