Update on ploughed fields in Lunt

07 March 2024 1min read

A spokesperson for Sefton Council said: “Earlier this year, it was announced that the Council has agreed to sell 78 hectares of disused farmland in Lunt to the National Trust.

“The plan is to create new areas of woodland, resulting in a green haven for local people to enjoy, and new habitats for wildlife.

“The National Trust is working closely with partners such as The Mersey Forest, the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Environment Agency and Forestry England, as well as Sefton Council, to make the most of this opportunity.

“People may notice that some of the fields are now being ploughed. This work is helping to prepare the land ahead of the proposed woodland scheme that The Mersey Forest and partners are supporting.

"While not directly connected to any future plans for the site, the ploughing will enable the National Trust to undertake walkover survey work required for the woodland planning process and help control weed species on the land. The land will then be planted with a short-term potato crop as this provides an excellent natural way of improving soil condition ahead of tree planting.”

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