COVID-19: Update for suppliers

Sefton Council want to thank our suppliers for their commitment to maintaining services during the Covid-19 crisis, in this challenging time we value collaboration more than ever. Our supplier relief is changing - on 1st August 2020 suppliers reverted to contractual payment terms.

The Payment Acceleration Programme is an initiative launched to build stronger relationships with key suppliers helping to deliver services to the local electorate, and support cash flow in this critical time. If you are a supplier to Sefton Council visit Sefton Payment Acceleration Programme website to find out more



Businesses or providers of goods or service who are requested to become suppliers to the Council or who want to amend details we already hold should complete the your details form.

Please note if you are a company you will need to attach an electronic version of your company letterhead with your application.

If you are an existing provider of goods or services to the Council you will need your ‘Supplier ID number’, which can be found on any previous payment advice received from Sefton Council.

If you require help in completing this form please contact the Council by email or visit our One Stop Shops.

If there is a possibility that you may be asked to carry out work for the Council which might fall within HMRC's Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), you must be registered as a subcontractor with HMRC, and you must complete the 'Your details formprior to any contracts being signed or work undertaken so that your details can be verified by Accounts Payable. Detailed guidance on the scheme can be found on the HMRC web site.

Please note that invoices must quote an official purchase order number and be sent to the billing address detailed on each order received to facilitate payment. Failure to quote an official purchase order number on the invoice will result in a delay in payment.

BACS payment is the standard form of trading with the Council and you will be paid based on agreed terms. The standard terms for suppliers of goods and service are 30 days. 

However the Sefton Payment Acceleration Programme enables your invoices to be paid ahead of contractual payment terms in exchange for a pre-agreed rebate. The rebate is applied dynamically as the invoice is paid and is proportionate to how many days we accelerate your payment by.

Please see the PDF document below and related link to the right of this page.

You will receive an electronic remittance document to the email account you have supplied as part of your registration.

If you have any questions about an order, please contact the named person on your purchase order. For assistance with completing the Your Details Form or any query about BACS you can contact the Accounts Payable team on 0151 934 3600 or email:

How To Do Business With The Council (pdf 335KB)
Health And Safety Guidance For Suppliers (pdf 77KB)
Standard Terms & Conditions Of Contract (pdf 518KB)
Sefton Payment Acceleration Programme (pdf 84KB)
Code Of Practice Equalities In Procurement (pdf 166KB)

Last Updated on Sunday, January 3, 2021

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