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Early Help

Early Help

Being a parent or carer is hard work, and sometimes it is necessary to access some support to ensure the whole family are able to thrive. Early Help means that children, young people, and families receive the right help as soon as a problem emerges. This could be at any age through childhood and adolescence. In Sefton this is known as Helping Families Early to thrive.

Early help is given from anyone who has contact with your family, for example your child's nursery or school and health visitor. Very often, having a friendly face to talk to is all that is needed.

Sefton Services 

The majority of families will be able to access universal services and are encouraged to make use of the Sefton Directory, which provides helpful information and advice, and can be accessed by any child, young person or family member. 

The Sefton CVS Directory is also available.   

Sometimes some additional help is needed by families so they can provide consistent and appropriate care for their children. Families can ask for support in finding and getting that help from any practitioner they are involved with. This could be a health visitor, GP, school or voluntary organisation. The support could include, for example, access to a parenting support group or help with your child's behaviour. 

Early Help Assessments 

Typically, the first step when getting help is for an Early Help Assessment to be completed. This is a simple step and will help you to identify your family's strengths and what you would like to change. It also acts as a summary of your family situation, so you don't have to keep repeating yourself to practitioners.  The early help assessment is a non judgemental way to access the support that is best suited to the needs of your family. 

Sefton Family Hubs 

Family is the most important influence on a child's life, from the moment they are born until they reach adulthood and beyond.  Family Wellbeing Centres provide joined up support for children and young people aged 0-19 years to make family life that little bit easier. 

Family Wellbeing Centres offer support with:

  • Parenting - parents-to-be, new parents/foster parents, behaviour, speech and language.
  • Health - health visitors, mental health, healthy eating, sexual health  
  • Employment - including training, apprenticeships, and volunteering.
  • Education - early learning, attendance, further education, educational attainment
  • Community engagement - social opportunities, events, clubs, activities 
  • Relationships - counselling, loneliness, promoting positive relationships.
  • Welfare - benefits, debt advice, housing support
  • Targeted one to one and group work programmes

Family wellbeing centres can be found in the following locations across Sefton 

Linaker Family Wellbeing Centre: Linaker Street, Southport, PR8 5DQ 0151 2886765

First Steps Family Wellbeing Centre: Farnborough Road, Birkdale, PR8 3DF 01704 572579 OR Meadow Lane, Ainsdale, Southport, PR8 3RS 01704 571606

Talbot Street Family Wellbeing Centre: St Andrews Place, Southport, PR8 1HR 01704 534975

Formby Library & Family Wellbeing Centre: Duke Street, Formby L37 4AN 01704 534975

Click here to Find out what our Sefton Family Hubs offer in each centre



Last Updated on Thursday, May 30, 2024

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