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Speech and Language

Speech & Language

Sefton Early Years Integrated Speech, Language & Communication Pathway

toddler and baby sitting next to each otherIn Sefton we strive for every child to develop and thrive, and we recognise the importance of speech, language and communication in the early years.

The first years of life are vital in giving every child the best start, with speech, language and communication skills an important indicator of child wellbeing. These skills shape a child’s ability to learn, develop friendships and their future life chances. Every child, regardless of circumstance should be able to develop and thrive.

Our Early Years integrated speech, language and communication pathway sets out Sefton’s vision to meet the speech, language and communication needs of children in the early years.

This means we can integrate local services across education, health and social care; and empower parents to improve early language outcomes and child wellbeing.

Sefton aim for all services who have contact with families in the early years to consistently deliver the key messages to support early speech, language and communication, for all early years professionals to have access to training that develops their skills in supporting early speech, language and communication, for all families to have access to information and activities that support the development of their child’s early speech, language and communication and where needs are identified for the family and child to be supported in how to access targeted or specialist provision.

Link to pathway video (in development)

Link to pathway document (in development)

Speech and Language Therapy

In Sefton Alder Hey community speech and language therapy service works with children from the Sefton area who are experiencing difficulties with communication and/or eating and drinking. We provide assessment, advice and therapy, and have an open referral system with parental consent.

We work in collaboration with parents or carers and other professionals in a variety of settings, including clinics, schools, nurseries, and occasionally in the family home.

You can find out more about our services here

Community Speech and Language Therapy - Sefton - Alder Hey Children's Hospital Trust

You can contact us at our main base in Sefton, where our admin team are happy to take a message and make sure you speak to the right member of the team

Netherton Health Centre

Magdalen Square
L30 5SP

Speech and Language Pathway





Slc Guidance Section 1 (pdf 1.65MB)
Slc Guidance 18 Months To 2 (pdf 2.32MB)
Slc Guidance 0 18 Months (pdf 2.07MB)
Slc Guidance 2 Yrs 2 Yrs 11 Months (pdf 2.55MB)
Slc 3 Yrs To 3 Yrs 11 Months (pdf 2.76MB)


Last Updated on Monday, July 1, 2024

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