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Salt and Tar’s July Social puts the spotlight on young people


Sefton Safeguarding Children Partnership 

Sefton Safeguarding Children Partnership (SSCP) is a statutory body established by the Children and Social Work Act (2017). SSCP replaced the previous Sefton Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB). SSCP is a multi-agency partnership of organisations who work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. 

Sefton's Multi-agency Safeguarding Children Arrangements 

The Safeguarding Partners are the Local Authority; Police and Integrated Care System (replacing CCG) operating in the Sefton area. These three Safeguarding Partners are charged with supporting and enabling local organisations and agencies to work together in a system where:  

  • children are safeguarded and their welfare promoted 
  • partner organisations and agencies collaborate, share and co-own the vision for how to achieve improved outcomes for  vulnerable children 
  • there is early identification and analysis of new safeguarding issues and emerging threads 

The SSCP offers many continuous professional development opportunities for professionals. The SSCP calendar shows useful events and training. 

The SSCP has created SWAY digital learning briefings on specific topics such as: 

  • Forced marriages 
  • FGM 
  • Peer on Peer Abuse 
  • Neglect 
  • Bullying

Children's Help and Advice Team (CHAT)

The Children's Help and Advice Team (CHAT) are the first people you will speak to if you have a concern about a child or young person 

The team will talk through your concerns and discuss what support they can offer. They may arrange for a social worker to visit the family, pass you to the Early Help colleagues or signpost to services available to all in the community. 

Whatever the outcome, you will be a part of making a plan to alleviate any pressures or issues that may be present and finding the best solution for the family. 

You can call the CHAT Team on 0151 934 4013

Family Advice and Support Team (FAST)

The Family Advice and Support Team (FAST) is the front door of the Early Help Service. They are the first people you will talk to if you think either yourself, or a family you work with or know could benefit from support from an Early Help Worker.

The team will have a discussion with you and see how they can help across a range of different topics.

This could include help with:

  • Maintaining Positive Relationships
  • Managing Family Conflict
  • Parenting

Call the FAST Team on 0151 934 4545. 

Opening Hours

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 9am-5.30pm
  • Wednesday: 10.30am-5.30pm
  • Friday 9am – 4pm

If the issue cannot wait until the next working day, please contact the Emergency Duty Team outside of the above hours, including weekends and bank holidays, on 0151 934 3555 

Remember, if a child or young person is in immediate danger, please call 999.

What is a Concern?

You may want to report a concern if you:

  • Are worried about the safety or wellbeing of a child
  • Suspect neglect or abuse
  • Would like to report an incident
  • Are a child or young people who needs support

We appreciate that making a referral to us may be difficult for you. Please be reassured that your concerns will be recorded and any response carefully considered.

Keeping children and young people safe is everyone's responsibility - families, carers, the public and professional staff in Children's Services and partner agencies.

You should always report your concerns, even if the person you suspect is abusing or neglecting a child is your partner, or a member of your own family or someone you know well.

You can also discuss your concerns with someone who works with children and families, e.g. health visitor, school nurse, social worker or teacher who can contact CHAT instead. 


FAST Poster (pdf 63KB)
CHAT Poster (pdf 64KB)


Last Updated on Thursday, May 30, 2024

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