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Sufficiency Duty 

Sefton Council have a duty under the Childcare Act, 2006 to secure, ‘so far as is reasonably practicable,’ provision of childcare is sufficient to meet the requirements of parents/ carers in their area to enable them to work or undertake education or training leading to work.  

Local Authorities undertake a childcare sufficiency assessment every three years. This assessment is then annually updated to show any changes that occur during and any progress that is being made.  

Childcare sufficiency assessments give local authorities the chance to work with local partners, including the Private, Voluntary and Independent sector to fill gaps in the market and shape childcare and services in the area.  

Collecting Sufficiency Information

All Early Years providers including Private, Voluntary and Independent settings, maintained and School Nurseries, Childminders and providers of wrap around childcare are asked to complete: 

  • Surveys in the Autumn and Summer Term to record available vacancies  
  • A detailed survey in the Spring term record available vacancies, current fees and to identify any challenges, changes or proposed changes to delivery.  

Sefton council periodically also send out Early Education and Childcare surveys and invite parents and carers to share their views on the availability, cost and quality of childcare.  

This information is used alongside local data and information from the DfE to complete the Sufficiency Assessment.  

You can find the link to Sefton's most recent Childcare Sufficiency Assessment report here: 

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Report 22 23 (pdf 1.15MB)


Last Updated on Thursday, May 30, 2024

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