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The Early Years Team

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The Local Authority Early Years Team

The Early Years Team at Sefton Local Authority works together to ensure that all children in Early Years receive high quality early education. Everyone in the team is hard-working, dedicated and passionate in ensuring that all children have their needs met.  

The Early Years Team is comprised of the  Early Years Quality team, Early Years SEND team and the Partnership and Projects Co-ordinator. 

The Early Years Quality team are responsible for ensuring all children in Sefton can receive a high quality early education whether they attend a childminder, nursery, out of school provision or a school. The Early Years Quality team comprises of the Early Years Team Leader and Quality Improvement Officers. They provide consultation, support and training. 

The Early Years Partnership and Project Co-ordinator is responsible for developing projects with different organisations to ensure that we provide a high-quality service to children and families in the early years. At Sefton, we believe in strengthening partnerships locally and globally, so we have lifelong learners. 

The Early Years SEND team is passionate in ensuring all children with SEND have a voice that is heard and have access to high quality provision. The EY SEND team consists of Portage Advisors, a home-visiting educational service, Inclusion Officers and Early Intervention Officers, who work directly with EY settings to offer early intervention.

Inclusion consultants are specialised teachers who work directly with children and settings. The Early Years SEND team works closely with Educational Psychologists to plan and deliver the service and support to individual children and settings. All these professionals in the Early Years Team share Sefton’s vision of ‘Education Excellence’ and strive for high quality early education for all early years children across Sefton.  

EY Team Flow Chart (pdf 46KB)


Last Updated on Thursday, May 30, 2024

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