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Transition Events

transition event bannerSefton Transition Event

Each year Sefton Local Authority host a Transition Event for professionals to share vital information about children prior to transition.

The event offers a designated space and time to talk freely about the developmental needs and interests of the children who may be transitioning to different nurseries or starting reception class. 

In May 2024, 90 schools and settings attended the Transition Event with over 120 professionals dedicating their time to ensure successful transitions.

The Event brought the sector together, alongside a number of professionals including Children's Social Care and Stronger Practice Hubs.

The Early Years SEND team were on hand to discuss the enhanced tranisitions for children with SEND. 

All attendees received a free bag containing resources and further information to support transition back in their school or settings, alongside some information for parents and carers. 

Transition Event 2025 

The Transition Event will be held on Tuesday 6th May 2025 at Sefton PDC, 2-5pm. 


Last Updated on Thursday, May 30, 2024

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