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Sefton Council’s Approach to Public EV Charging

Sefton Council are currently working with partners across the Liverpool City Region on how best to use the opportunity which the Local Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (LEVI) brings to the region. Local electric vehicle infrastructure fund - Energy Saving Trust  We will focus on providing as many publicly available charging points across Sefton and play our role in ensuring the regional network for EV Charging.  More information about LEVI and Sefton Approach will be available later this year.

The council are currently developing an Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy, setting out an approach to supporting the delivery of an appropriate charging infrastructure across the borough. This will concentrate on providing a public network across our community spaces and car parks.

We will be consulting with our partners across the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority on this and we will be engaging with the the public on our approach.



Last Updated on Tuesday, June 4, 2024

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