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Licensing Background Documents

The designation of the selective licensing and additional (HMO) licensing schemes were subject to developing a robust business case and extensive consultation.  Details of these and other relevant background information can be found by accessing the links below:

Selective and Additional (HMO) Licensing - Business Case documents

Sefton Licensing Business Case (pdf 2.44MB)
Appendix1 SL Designation (pdf 385KB)
Appendix2 Draft Selective Licensing Conditions (pdf 156KB)
Appendix3 AL Designation (pdf 431KB)
Appendix4 Draft Additional Licensing Conditions (pdf 157KB)
Appendix5 Risk Analysis (pdf 216KB)
Appendix6 Designation (pdf 143KB)

Selective and Additional (HMO) Licensing - Cabinet Report 

The Cabinet report (item number 57) , appendices and decision can be viewed here  

Background Documents

Appendix 1 Consultation Feedback Report (pdf 3.95MB)
Appendix 2 Consultation Activities (pdf 370KB)
Consultation Questions And Responses (pdf 253KB)
You Said We Did Poster (pdf 122KB)
Background 1 Survey Online (pdf 399KB)
Background 2 Neighbouring Boroughs Survey Results (pdf 79KB)
Background 3 Written Responses (pdf 396KB)
Background 4 RLA Response (pdf 336KB)
Backgound 5 NLA Response (pdf 322KB)
Backgound 6 Home Safe Scheme Response (pdf 203KB)
Background 7 SL Designation (pdf 412KB)
Background 8 Draft Selective Licensing Conditions Amended Aug17 (pdf 206KB)
Background 9 AL Designation (pdf 691KB)
Background 10 Draft Additional Licensing Conditions Amended (pdf 206KB)
Background 11 Consultationdoc (pdf 2.72MB)
Background 12 EIA Selective Additional HMO Licensing Schemes (pdf 22KB)
Buckely Hill Display Board (pdf 5MB)
Buckey Hill Leaflet (pdf 2.42MB)


Public Legal Notice was issued following the approval of the licensing schemes

Last Updated on Wednesday, January 18, 2023

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