School Admission Appeals

If your child has been refused a place at a school by the Admission Authority (or via a Fair Access Panel decision), you have the right to submit an appeal against this decision, to an Independent Appeal Panel. You can find the relevant information on how to submit an appeal below:

Appeals Timetable 2022 (pdf 221KB)
Appeals Factsheet (pdf 299KB)

Further details will also be provided to you in the decision letter sent out by the Local Authority, when your application has been processed (for In Year Admissions) or on the National Offer Days (for Primary & Secondary School Admissions). In respect of appeals that are administered by the Local Authority, you will also be sent an appeal request form with the decision letter. Some Appeals for Faith Schools and Academies are administered by other Admission Authorities and separate arrangements apply. To find out which Admission Authority you should appeal to, please refer to the Appeals Factsheet above.

Coronavirus Update - October 2021

On 24 April 2020 the Government introduced new temporary legislation adding some flexibility for dealing with Admission Appeal hearings during the Covid-19 pandemic. These temporary regulations have now been extended until 30 September 2022. You can read the revised legislation here

Please read the Appeals Timetable and the Appeals Factsheet for further information.

Statistics for successful and unsuccessful appeals (Primary & Secondary Admissions only) for previous academic years are available below:

Secondary Admissions Appeals Stats 2021 (pdf 103KB)
Primary Admissions Appeals Stats 2021 (pdf 108KB)
Secondary Admissions - Appeals Stats 2017 (pdf 100KB)
Secondary Admissions - Appeals Stats 2018 (pdf 101KB)
Secondary Admissions - Appeals Stats 2019 (pdf 67KB)
Secondary Admissions Appeals Stats 2020 (excel 21KB)
Primary Admissions - Appeals Stats 2017 (pdf 280KB)
Primary Admissions - Appeals Stats 2018 (pdf 486KB)
Primary Admissions - Appeals Stats 2019 (pdf 163KB)
Primary Admissions Appeals Stats 2020 (excel 22KB)

Last Updated on Wednesday, June 8, 2022

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