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Council Tax

The council tax reduction scheme is a set of rules which govern the circumstances in which the amount of council tax a low-income resident has to pay, can be reduced.

The amount of any reduction is based on a means test, taking individual circumstances into account.

There are different rules depending on whether you are classed as a pensioner or working age.

If you are single, you are classed as a pensioner if you have reached the age of 66.

If you are part of a couple, you are classed as pensioners if one or both of you have reached the age of 66 and neither of you are claiming any of the following social security benefits:

Income Support, Income-based Jobseekers Allowance, Income related Employment and Support Allowance, Universal Credit

However, if one of you are claiming any of the above, you are not classed as pensioners, regardless of your age.

If you are not classed as pensioners, you are classed as working age.

Find out if you could qualify and make a claim here.

Debt advice 

Anyone who needs help with managing debt can get advice from the Greater Merseyside Money Advice Partnership by

2024-25 Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Sefton Council has decided to continue with the 2023-24 Council Tax Reduction Scheme in 2024/25, aside from some minor administrative changes relating to how we deal with working customers who claim Universal Credit to supplement their modest earnings. The purpose of this minor amendment was to make the calculation of customers entitlement more efficient.

More details can be found in the Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2024-25 document below.

In March 2024, there were around 14,500 working age residents in the borough who claim help with their Council Tax through the scheme.

Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2024-25 (pdf 1.74MB)

Last Updated on Tuesday, April 2, 2024

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