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Free screen readers are available online. For your convenience, we have provided a quick link to NVDA, which is a screen reader for Microsoft Windows that is free, fully functional and portable. NVDA (NonVisual Desktop Access) software enables blind and vision impaired people to use a computer by communicating what is on the screen using a synthetic voice or braille. 

We will be constantly working to make this website as accessible and usable as possible. The website doesn’t have a separate accessibility statement. This is because we’ve tried to design it to be as accessible and usable as possible for every user.

You should upgrade your web browser (the software you use to access the Internet) if it’s out of date. Upgrading to a newer browser will mean:

  • your computer will be more secure and less likely to be attacked 
  • it will be faster to browse the Internet
  • you’ll see more features on many websites. 

This site uses PDF documents to provide additional information. PDF documents can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Where Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents have been used on the site, we would advise users who do not have Microsoft Office to download the appropriate viewer.

This website only uses cookies for setting a home address in the Find My Nearest application and for gathering website statistics via Google Analytics. More information is available in our Cookie Policy.

Sefton Council is not responsible for the content on external websites. 

Useful information on how to get help
You can find guidance from the BBC about:

  • making your mouse easier to use 
  • using your keyboard to control your mouse 
  • alternatives to a keyboard and mouse 
  • increasing the size of the text in your web browser 
  • changing text and background colours 
  • how to magnify your screen 
  • screen readers and talking browsers 

Leave feedback
You should contact us if you have trouble using this website. You can also rate a page which helps us know if there is a problem or issue with a particular page. We aim to continually make improvements to this site based on web best practice and users feedback. 

Last Updated on 11 August 2017

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