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What is the Sefton Growth and Strategic Investment Programme?

Sefton’s Growth and Strategic Investment Programme is a group of projects that aim to improve the Borough for people who live, work and visit the area.

Sefton is a diverse Borough with residents and businesses that have different personal needs. The purpose of the programme is to meet these different needs by including a variety of projects. These needs may be financial, social or environmental, and the projects have been designed to meet each of these.

As well as supporting Sefton residents and visitors, the programme aims to attract further private sector investment and opportunities, allowing for more projects to be created in the future. 

The Growth and Strategic Investment Programme covers the whole of Sefton, from the Southport Town Deal in the north of the Borough down to the redevelopment of Bootle Strand in the south and everything in between. Current projects include the new Marine Lake Event Centre in Southport, Bootle’s Area Action plan, and the Sefton Hospitality Operations Ltd.

The Marine Lake Event Centre

Working together

Sefton Council will be consulting and engaging with the local community on these projects. A wide range of community groups have been asked for their thoughts on our growth programme, with a strong focus on the voice of the Borough's children and young people.

For example, the Southport Town Deal has a Shadow Board. The shadow board works to provides insight, feedback, and ideas to the Town Deal Board.  It is made up of school and college students in the area. The Council has also recently consulted with local schools on the Strand and Marine Lake Event Centre projects.

Sefton Council is keen to continue engaging with residents and co-produce projects in the future. Working together with local communities ensures that projects reflect community needs and a sense of ownership and pride.

Anyone who would like to have their say in future project development and engagement can contact If you would like to have your say in current consultations, please visit Your Sefton Your Say where you also have the option to sign up to be kept informed by newsletter.

Last Updated on Friday, November 3, 2023

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