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Street trading licences

Car boot sales
Applicants who wish to hold a car boot sale need to apply for planning permission prior to the sale taking place.

Current planning legislation only permits car boot sales/markets etc to take place without planning permission where the event is to be held on open land. This concession is restricted to 14 days use in any one year period. Where a sale is to occur within a building or on land surrounding a building such as a car park, forecourt, etc, then consent is required.

However if the following conditions are fulfilled then no Planning Permission is required:

  • The event is a bona fide fund raising event held by a recognised local organisation, including schools, youth organisations, community care projects, building restoration appeals, or similar, where funds are raised, apart from the deduction of direct expenses, and are applied for the benefit of the organisation concerned, or for a charitable purpose
  • No more than three events are held in a particular location within a twelve month period
  • All goods sold are bona fide second hand goods sold by persons who are not commercial traders
  • Adequate provision for car parking and also for the entry and exit of vehicles to and from the site
  • There is no adverse effect on the amenity of local residents.

Those car boot sales which fulfil the above conditions and which fall within 6.2/3 miles of Southport Market should contact the Licensing Unit.

Planning Permission is required should a car boot sale be held within the boundaries of licensed premises (Public Houses etc.).

Special events licence (highways amenities)

A Highway Amenity (Special Events) Licence is required to use a portion of a public street, road or place for the sale of goods, charitable events, charitable collections etc. Apply online for a special events licence 

There is a set criteria detailing requirements which have to be met in order for us to allow you a licence. You can download the full design criteria document below.



Highway Amenities Design Criteria (pdf 19KB)
Street Trading Restricted Streets (pdf 62KB)
Restricted streets (pdf 62KB)

Last Updated on Tuesday, August 31, 2021

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